Watercolor Brush Pen Set


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Professional Watercolor Brush SetExpress your passion for art with this innovative set.

High quality soft nylon-tip brush pens, essential tool for all artists! 
Can be used for sketching, artwork, paintings and everything you can think of!

Improved design will hold more water in the barrel
Comfortable holding
Easy to add water

Material: Fiber hairs + Plastic
Color: Clear

How to use
Water injection: remove the nib, fill the dropper with water.
Moisture adjustment: Initially, squeeze the pen nib before you use to remove the excessive water, then gently wipe with a paper towel.
How to color: Once the brush tip is moist enough, dip it in the paint and start painting.
How to change color: Wipe the nib with a paper towel to remove the color and dip it in another paint.
How to store: When not in use, empty the water and close the lid.

Package Options:
A:3 x 120mm
B:3 x 155mm
C:3 x 155mm(level)
D:  3 x 120mm + 3 x 155mm
E:3 x 155mm + 3 x 155mm(level)


Additional information

Soluble Or Not


Hair Material

Fiber hairs


Watercolor Style Brush




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